Offshoring inside - Swiss quality outside

Ardevia Offshoring makes the dream of accessing offshore software developer resources a reality for small and medium sized companies. As a Swiss company with high local technical competence and extensive know-how in offshoring combined with our intimate knowledge in Swiss software development, we bring all the advantages of offshoring develepment centers to local companies. And since we trust in what we are doing, we’ll even carry risks for you!

If you are a software company in need of offshoring resources, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Why choose ardevia offshoring?

+ We are a Swiss company.
Being a Swiss company we understand the needs of the Swiss customers better. We provide an interface between our Swiss customers and our offshoring developers, avoiding our clients having to cope with the problems and pitfalls of offshoring.

+ We are specialized in small and medium sized businesses.
In contrary to large enterprises, many SMBs can not afford to launch their own offshore development operations. We provide the means for these companies to tap the advantages of offshoring without the need to invest heavily in getting their offshore development centres running smoothly.

+ We know the technology and guarantee state-of-the-art code.
Just reaching the functional requirements is not enough. Many decisive quality attributes of software are hidden inside. Software that functions, but is not reliable, maintainable, extendable and performs badly becomes a nightmare. Sadly many of these shortcomings only become evident after the product is released. By constantly analysing, supervising and reviewing the code by highly qualified Swiss software architects and developers, we guarantee that our customers will only receive state-of-the-art software.

+ We’ll handle the risks.
Offshoring holds many risks and pitfalls. Because we are experts in this domain, we can avoid and even take over risks for you. You have nothing to loose: take no extra risks and still be able to reap the many advantages of offshoring!